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Fugitive Investigations


Do you have someone who jumped bail on you? We can help! We specialize in finding and apprehending people located in the Pacific Northwest region. These states are Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. However we will travel around the states to capture the fugitive.

Washington State Lic # 539

Process Server


Do you have legal paperwork that needs to be served? Is the person being difficult or are they just hard to find? Call PNW Court & Recovery Services we can help. Serving all of Pierce County and King County Washington.


Fugitive Investigations and Apprehensions

When you bail someone out of jail you are taking a gamble that they will show up for their court date and when they don't you need someone who can and will go the distance to bring them back to you and or the court. PNW Court & Recovery Services is the company to make that happen. We are Washington State certified and trained by a leading professional in the industry and we only partner with the best and most qualified individuals to assist us in an apprehension.

Process Server at your service

When you have someone who you are trying to contact with legal paperwork such as a notice to appear, a law suite, or what ever the case may be sometimes they make it hard to find them. Well no one can run forever and you can't really hide for long when PNW Court & Recovery Services is tracking you down. Let us help you and eliminate the headache of trying to find the person who needs to be served.